Poker: How to Play Like a Pro

You may have seen poker tournaments advertised or read a story in the news about a poker pro taking home a big jackpot win. The game of poker has become big business throughout the world, with tournaments offering huge payouts to the last man standing. If you have ever considered playing poker, but feel a little intimidated by the professionals, we have some tips to help you play with the big hitters.

Professional Poker Tips


A professional poker player may be known for a certain playing style. To a bystander, it may be hard to tell, but their moves will usually be considered and according to their strategy. Some players like the grandiose gestures, with an all-or-nothing attitude. More often, however, the cautious pro will focus on smaller winnings and stay in the game, maybe by trying to collect three of a kind rather than more valuable hands.

To Bluff or Not to Bluff?

Everyone knows that it’s important to keep a poker face, but this is not the same as bluffing. The professionals will tell you that, in fact, bluffing should only be done sparingly and when you have good reason to do so. Good poker players don’t rely on bluffing, so if they have a dud hand they are more likely to fold and wait for another turn. Actor Kevin Hart recently made headlines when he accidentally misread his own cards and won a hand after calling his opponent’s bluff. He still had the winning hand, even though it wasn’t as good as he’d originally thought. He returned some of his challenger’s chips to her, as a gesture of goodwill.


A pro didn’t get that way overnight; as with anything it takes practice to be the best. Play free games online, join smaller buy-in tournaments or practice with your friends. Fine-tune your poker muscles so that you have them flexed and ready to take on any opponent. Getting a poker education in practice games is important.