Understanding Online Bonuses

When it comes to online gambling, there are a huge number of bonuses available. For new players this can be rather challenging, as there is not always an explanation as to what the bonus entails. However, we will endeavour to enlighten you, and will cover the most commonly-found bonuses below. First up is the match deposit bonus. This is the one most commonly offered at online casinos, and requires the player instantly to create an account and deposit some of their own money. By doing so, the casino will then match the amount the player has deposited. The matched amount will vary depending on the offer, though casinos will usually award 100% match as the standard. Some will be as low as 50%, whilst others do go as high as 400%. However, it is important to make note of the maximum value that will be matched before choosing a bonus. Other bonus options include free spins. These can come in conjunction with the aforementioned bonus or be stand-alone. Free spins are offered on a particular slot, enabling players to try out the game for free. Free spins can vary from just ten on a specific game though to fifty. The last option, and the one least found, is the no-deposit bonus. This works in a similar way to free spins, in that players only need create an account, and, for so doing, the casino will award a small fixed amount of cash to their account. Players can use this cash on any games they choose. We do recommend that you do some further research on the wagering requirements and how to use the bonus. Whether a player chooses to use the bonus is up to them, though bonuses can make a valuable addition to the game, particularly for those who are really doing this for fun with no overriding need to win big.